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Our Company

A.P. & Associates, Inc. is a minority woman-owned business and is SBA 8(a) SDB certified. Our company has been offering training services since 1996, and our staff has been training professionally for over ten years.

We provide custom employee, project management and general management training.

Our Business History
A.P. & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1996 in Vancouver, Washington, by Tim and Liz Prior but its genesis was in a sole proprietorship established in 1991, through which Tim contracted his services to various public seminar companies in addition to his own private sector clients.

In 1997, as A.P. & Associates, the company developed a business plan that expanded their markets to include public sector agencies and organizations. They also began to focus towards building upon their strength in Project Management training and Project Management-related topics such as Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity. In short time, the company has served clients such as the Oregon National Guard, the Army at Ft. Lewis, Novations, a prime contractor to The Boeing Company, and BAE-North America, to mention a few.

What is our Dipherence?
Our trainers are the difference. In employee education, it is not what you teach, as much as how you teach.

Our trainers are knowledgeable, experience-rich, organized and professional--and love their work! They love to have fun and bring good energy to the classroom--factors that are favorable to increased learning and retention.

Our program difference is that we try to keep in step with the changes organizations face. Arguably, the gravest challenge to organizations today is to manage change. And thanks to computer technology and the Internet, change is a constant occurrence in today's business. Is your workforce trained and able to keep up and make the necessary adjustments?

In most of our topics, wherever appropriate, we include showing trainees how they might use high technology tools to increase efficiency.

Again acknowledging technology's presence in the workplace, we offer "techie-friendly" supervisory and management courses.

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Tim Prior
Tim Prior
Director of Training

Liz Shigeta-Prior
Training Coordinator and Sales

Liz Shigeta-Prior

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